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πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Should developers get involved in design early on?

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Hey Reader,

This week, I want to touch on design systems and how they bridge the gap between design and development, but achieving seamless collaboration in this arena is a challenge many teams face. The key? It's not just about perfecting the system; it's about perfecting the process of collaboration and communication.

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In this video, Molly Hellmuth mentions how finding the perfect rhythm in collaborating with developers on a design system is an ongoing quest. It's about striking a balance between organized design files, comprehensive documentation, and consistent communication. Some key takeaways were:

  • Organize Design Files: Keep your Figma files meticulously organized for easy navigation and understanding.
  • Document Rigorously: Use tools like Notion for detailed documentation outside of design tools to bridge the gap between design intent and development execution.
  • Communicate Frequently: Maintain regular communication through meetings, chat apps, or project management tools to ensure alignment and clarity across teams.

I also spoke with Faraz Ahmad, my former UberEats colleague about Design & engineering collaboration and went deep into the developer’s perspective.

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He highlights the significance of early involvement of engineers in the design process, emphasizing that the earlier the collaboration begins, the more cohesive and effective the final product will be. He also elaborates on more tips like:

  • Technical Limitations: Designers should involve engineers early to understand and navigate technical constraints.
  • Structured Handoffs: Clear documentation and communication of designs are crucial for smooth transitions to development.
  • Ongoing Engagement: Designers should remain involved during development to ensure fidelity and address emerging challenges.

In the collaborative dance between design and engineering, watching these videos might help you learn the secret to creating impactful and successful products and ultimately delivering solutions that resonate deeply with users. Until next week!

- Femke

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A Senior UX Director I work with breaks down the steps to creating an effective UX roadmap. I don't know about you and other teams, but these resources came at the perfect time of year for planning and roadmapping. Check out the hub I've linked below, where two articles are already live. The final installment is out on February 19!

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