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Hey Reader,

In a world where design trends shift quicker than a click, staying relevant isn't just about keeping upβ€”it's about leading the charge.

This week, I’m sharing my top resources to future-proofing your design skills. Explore insightful podcasts for a deep dive into innovative design approaches, and empower your skill set with courses. Keep reading to uncover skills and strategies that will elevate your design game from current to revolutionary.


  • ​Design Life: A conversational podcast with Charli and I, focusing on design and the unique challenges young creatives face, sparked by their passion for side projects.
  • ​Bezier: A unique design interview podcast spotlighting voices from creative communities outside the mainstream tech giants.
  • ​Design Matters: In-depth conversations with a diverse array of creatives including designers, writers, artists, and musicians, delving into the expansive world of creative culture.


  • ​Product Strategy for Designers: Sold out for the third time! I’m so excited to meet cohort 3 and share my learnings, insights, and resources! Don’t want to miss the next one? Join the waitlist.​
  • ​Fast Forward Freelance: Get a clear view of what the first year of independent work holds. From deciding to freelance to building a thriving solo practice, and all the challenges and questions in between.
  • ​Intro to UI/UX for Graphic Designers: During this class you'll be guided through the creation of a UI/UX project that is unique to you - a perfect way to kick-start your portfolio. Along the way, you’ll learn about each step of the process and how to apply them effectively.
  • ​Creative Copywriter Course: Design and copywriting truly do go hand-in-hand! Join Tasha to learn about UX writing and SEO.



  • ​Uxcel: Part resource, part class - this is one of my favourite ways to level up my UX Design skills (AND it’s free for community members!).
  • ​Mobbin: Mobbin is the world’s largest UI & UX design reference library that offers a hand-picked collection of the latest design patterns from mobile apps.
  • ​Relume: Relume builds websites that enable you to make ongoing updates and optimisations without the need of a web developer.


Upskill in the new year

If you're looking for long-term 1:1 design mentorship, I just opened up sessions on Superpeer! Available for community members only.

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As a product designer with my eyes set on management, I've navigated the intricate maze of career advancement, where the path isn't always linear. This read is a reflection of that journey, offering insights into the critical decision-making process and career choice; it's about understanding your goals, strengths, and the impact you wish to make.

✨ ELEGANCE: A new playbook?

This article is a treasure trove of tips and tricks, blending design aesthetics with practical usability to elevate your UI game. Perfect for designers at any level, these 58 golden rules are your go-to guide for crafting interfaces that aren't just visually striking, but also incredibly user-friendly.



✨ Looking for the next step in your design career?

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  • Sr. Product Designer, Design Systems @ Instacart

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