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⏰ Set your alarms, cohort 2 for my course opens soon!

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Hey Reader,

Something exciting is on the horizon and I can't wait to share it!

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Our designer-favorite, Product Strategy for Designers course, is about to kick off another session. Enrollment for only 100 students will open July 10th to July 24th to join Cohort 2 which starts on August 7th! Last time we opened enrolment, the 100 spots sold out a week before enrolment ended so make sure you don’t miss this one!

This course isn't just about design strategy – it's about advocating for your ideas, influencing your team, and most importantly, leveling up your career.

There are 6 modules with all-new video content, resources, and the supportive tools you need to begin executing PLUS we’ll hold live sessions where we’ll work through exercises together, hold Q&A sessions, and have course alumni mentors as support.

1️⃣ Module 1: Introduction to Product

Gain the confidence to take on PM responsibilities when needed, and learn how to write an effective PRD (product requirements document).

2️⃣ Module 2: Develop product strategy

Create a vision for your team that will inspire confidence. Together we'll work towards increasing confidence in contributing to product strategy, and I'll also share how to influence product strategy through design and the difference between outcomes and output.

3️⃣ Module 3: Craft principles

Learn how to write a product manifesto. By creating principles for a team, segment, or project you will learn the principles of decision-making, and alignment.

4️⃣ Module 4: Lead through communication

Communication across teams can be difficult. Through prompts, we will focus on how to create a foundation for successful collaboration with your peers, become a proactive communicator, and create a communication strategy (with tried-and-true templates!)

5️⃣ Module 5: Become an engaging storyteller

Storytelling is an art form. Gain confidence and find your style through the components that make up a good story and ensure your story has a strong foundation - every time.

6️⃣ Module 6: Influence design culture

Put everything you've learned into action and finally join the product roundtable. In this module, we'll discuss how to bring ideas and suggestions to Design Leadership effectively.

Keep an eye on your inbox on July 10th for the official announcement and enrollment link.

Until then, keep exploring, keep questioning, and keep designing.

Config 2023: Dev Mode

While Figma’s Dev Mode offers new capabilities for developers, it's still just one infinite canvas, and the same organization and workflow. At Zeplin, we turn design delivery into a systematic process that unifies teams at scale. Try it for free today.

Calling all talented speakers!

Are you a design enthusiast or educator? Show off your expertise and let the spotlight shine on your latest book, course, or exciting project. This is your chance to make a lasting impact, share your knowledge, and connect with the design community. Check out our line up of past speakers here or submit your interest as a speaker below!

👀 A Google Analytics importer, so you can save your Analytics data forever

If you have your own website, you may have noticed that since July 1st, you’re no longer able to use Google Universal Analytics, and worse yet — Google will be deleting all that data in the future.

That’s why Fathom Analytics created a Google Analytics importer, so you can save your data forever by moving it to Fathom. They’ve already imported over 7 billion pageviews from GA to their privacy-first, GDPR-compliant software. And best of all, Fathom is so easy to use you don’t have to worry about a course or training. I’ve been using Fathom for the last three years. I love their easy-to-use tool and that I’m supporting a small business!

Try Fathom free for 30 days & use the link below to get a $10 credit!

✨ New Job Alert!

Find your dream product design job and stay ahead of the competition with our weekly-updated collection of curated job opportunities! New jobs are added every Friday.

View more job opportunities here.

✨ Craft stories into visionary and effective slides

Elevate your presentation game with Zach Grosser's course, Presentation Design for Creatives– an absolute gem for all creatives! Explore how you can confidently present your services to win new clients, expand existing project scopes, and interview for new design roles.

💎 Gems of the week

🙌 It was great having Frank Bach talk to the community, so much great discussion! Interested in watching the replay? Click here.

🫶 Charli and I’s Config “after-party” was unreal! It was great seeing you all there, and send more pictures if you have them!

🥰As always, shoutout to the Zeplin team for being awesome!

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