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Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

We’re now deep into Fall here in Canada, and I've been having followers message me saying they’ve been feeling the itch to revisit and refresh their portfolio—maybe you're feeling the same? A design portfolio isn't just about showcasing work: it's your story, your journey, and the tangible reflection of your design thinking.

I wanted to share a few of my videos that may resonate with you, offering a personal walkthrough of what was successful in my design portfolios and insights on nailing those high-stakes portfolio presentations.

📽 The Uber Journey: My Portfolio Chronicles

video preview

An inside look into the projects and thought processes that captured Uber's attention.

📌 Pro tip: jump to 5:58 to see the "Parent Interviews" one of my very first UX Design projects.

📽 Wealthsimple: Crafting A Story Through Portfolio

video preview

Learn how a clear narrative can elevate your portfolio, making all the difference during the hiring journey.

📌 Pro tip: The "Third case study" at 10:45? My favourite part of the video.

📽 Taking The Leap: Portfolio For A Design Manager Role

video preview

Transitioning roles? Explore how I curated and presented my work when I was eager to step into a manager role for the first time.

📌 Pro tip: Check out 7:33 to see how I framed my "Influence as a coach".

📽 Nailing That Portfolio Presentation

video preview

The art of the presentation is often as crucial as the work itself. Dive into a structured approach to make a lasting impression, and hey, there's a free Figma template in there for you!

📌 Pro tip: The breakdown at 3:40 is a game-changer.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea!) and give these a watch. Let me know what you think, and you can download my template for presenting portfolio projects in a design interview here.

- Femke

🔊 Article: "How I Became a Senior UX Content Designer"

Recently, I came across an article by Ashley Zelaya, a senior UX Content Designer at Indeed. She’s collected a few memorable lessons that paved the way towards her senior role. Don’t worry - there’s no spreadsheet talk here! Just pure insights.

🌟 Expert knowledge in your back pocket

Pip decks is a great companion to help you build a story and extend your creativity. You’re not just getting cards, you’re getting an in-depth premium training on how to craft engaging stories and overall have a fun experience of playing with cards. Get 15% off with code: FEMKEDESIGN

👇 How do you sell a design that is hard to share?

video preview

Navigating the intricacies of design can be a challenge, especially when its value seems elusive. How do you pitch a design that doesn't fit into neat measurement boxes? 👀 Watch now.

💎 Gems of the week

🙌 a great read from Elizabeth Godspeed!

🤩 Love these kinds of tweets (x's ?), thank you!

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