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🤖 Curious how I use AI in my design workflow?

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Hey Reader,

Cohort 2 begins in just 4 days, which means there’s just one more weekend before I meet the next 100 of you!

Despite having followers of all experience levels, some of you may be wondering why my course is geared towards the soft skills of product design rather than the technical craft of designing.

There are already a ton of really great craft focused courses like Molly Hellmuth’s Design System Bootcamp or Joey Banks' Level up with Figma (Use the discount code FEMKE10 now and in future to get 10% off both of those courses btw!).

These courses are specifically designed to teach you the craft side of design and help you build skills you’ll continue to use throughout your career.

Once you start to feel confident in these areas, you might begin to seek out even more educational resources – those that cover strategy-based design thinking. These tend to shift a designer’s thinking towards being more about how the user feels and thinks over how it looks and feels. This is where I’d found a gap in education, and that is how Product Strategy for Designers came to be.

As Ted Goas says:

It’s about not only understanding your users, but also the business and market, and using all three to define product goals and build the right things at the right time. It’s being able to think of many solid, profitable ideas for products. It’s looking at other products and being able to sense if they’ll be successful (with a degree of confidence).

Ted Goas – Doing Strategy as a product designer

This strikes a chord with me, as this course is all about strategy - the kind that makes you a superhero in the product design world. We dive right into the nitty-gritty of the product life cycle, everything from getting to grips with the market, and crafting an amazing product vision, right down to managing the execution and implementation.

You’ll turn into a design powerhouse who uses their skills to untangle complex business problems. Sound exciting? I think so too!

And hey, I've seen Cohort 2 gearing up for this journey, and it's really inspiring! This enthusiasm lights me up, and I can't wait to be a part of your journey toward being a strategic design guru!

Does this spark something inside of you? Join the waitlist to be alerted when enrollment opens again! I’ll see the rest of you in our first live session next week!

The secrets to building an enterprise-level design system

Learn how Zeplin helped Avery Dennison - a global manufacturing company, rebuild and scale their design system to meet new demands in digital labeling.

🤖 How to leverage AI tools as a strategic designer

Join myself and Alen Faljic from d.MBA next week to a live demo of how we use AI in our design workflows. We're not just going to talk about it, we’ll actually show you how to do it!

AI isn't just a scary invention that might make us obsolete. It's a tool that can help us unlock our full potential as a designer. And it’s especially useful if you are trying to do more strategic work as a designer.

This is a free online event 🎊

Be an influential researcher: the detective way

Want to level up your UX design skills fast? What about train your eye in design? Uxcel will transform the way you approach your next project! Discover a treasure trove of valuable resources, expert guidance, and practical insights to enhance your UX design skills and unleash your creative potential.

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👩‍💻 Crafting your personal brand as a designer

Get personal branding clarity and open up opportunities for landing new freelance work. Join Charli’s workshop and learn how to build a following, gain a reputation, and start landing your dream clients. For only $29 this workshop is a no-brainer, get started on building your personal brand this year!

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