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Hey Reader,

Recently, I had an insightful discussion with Alen Faljic from d.MBA on a topic close to our hearts: Harnessing AI for Strategic Design. The enthusiasm was clear, with over a 1000 of you joining in! 🎉

With our “magical” prompt formulas, dive deep into the competitive landscape of your competitive design landscape and unveil new business opportunities. Picture yourself with a bird's eye view of the entire competitive terrain, catching every detail. This panoramic insight equips you to make pivotal decisions: refining your product, planning your next groundbreaking step, or bravely opting for a pivot when the situation demands. 🌌

Now, here's a golden nugget from our talk, the depth of your prompt isn't just a bunch of words. It’s your way of whispering into AI's ears, telling it all about your industry and role. This intimate chat ensures that what comes back isn't just data; it's insights – rich, meaningful, and actionable.

Dive into our webinar's treasure trove, and you’ll find prompts and resources that will become your secret weapons. Picture this: saving HOURS, strategizing like a boss, and making room for all those big, audacious goals we love to chase. 🎯


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🤖 A free pack of beautifully rendered 3D shapes

Shapefest is a library of over 10,000 basic shapes rendered in 3D to quickly drop into presentations and design work. Download 3,000 Hands, a free library of diverse hand gestures. Includes 25 gestures, left and right hands, 6 skin tones, at 10 angles. All rendered using Cinema 4D + Redshift at 1920x1920.

💼 Master the Art of Negotiation

Unlock your earning potential with Gerta, a renowned negotiations expert from MIT and Harvard Law School. Her course, distilled from a decade of boosting professionals' offers by six figures, provides actionable strategies, invaluable templates, and a personal session with Gerta. Learn from the best and access an exclusive community dedicated to mastering negotiations. Get 20% off with code FEMKE20. Secure your spot today!

👩‍💻 Time to ditch boring meetings

In an increasingly remote world, workplace culture has become hard to emulate. With Pip decks you’re not just getting a deck of cards, you gain premium training to craft stories, AND make meetings fun! Pip decks give you the confidence to engage your team when you work together. Get 15% off with code: FEMKEDESIGN

✨ Join the Gusto team!

We have MULTIPLE open design roles open across a variety of teams. I'm just shy of a year here and loving it.

PLEASE only apply if you are already authorized to work in the US or Canada! We know it's a tough market right now and are getting flooded with applications. We are not in a position to support relocation or VISAs at this time and aren't able to hire internationally.

💎 Gems of the week

🙌 New favourite board game alert!

💡 Anyone here work in Lottie? Seems super interesting…

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8:50 AM • Aug 15, 2023

🤩 Stumbled upon these beautiful free fonts

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